Forensic accounting is the practice of binding together accounting and auditing with investigative skills to assist in legal matters. It is primarily used in areas such as litigation support, investigation, and dispute resolution.



What advantages does a Forensic Accountant have over my own accountant?



There are many reasons for using a Forensic Accountant to examine the financial and business aspects of a dispute. Listed below are some of the benefits:

    No Conflicts of Interest

    The accountant of the company or individual may not be seen to be completely independent. We do not undertake forensic accounting assignments for clients for whom we act as auditors, accountants or tax advisers.

    Experience and Objectivity

    We specialise in Forensic Accounting and bring our past experience to bear on each new case or dispute. Our independence helps to ensure our approach is always objective.


    You will deal with our partners in every case or dispute.


    We understand the effect of these sensitive situations on individuals and recognise a diplomatic and professional service is vital.


    You will benefit from our structured approach to preparing financial evidence. Our reports are thoroughly researched and we are prepared to support our conclusions by providing court room evidence.

    Quick response

    Cases frequently need the financial assessment or a report prepared quickly. We have the ability, resources and experience to meet tight deadlines.


    We are accustomed to working as part of a multi-disciplinary team and fully understand our role as an extension of the legal team.